Monday, January 2, 2012

homemade salted caramel sauce

Hello lovelies!
Baked goods are pretty standard co-worker gifts during the holidays. They are easy to mass produce, usually not expensive, and since they are homemade (unless you're naughty) they give that thoughtful/warmandfuzzy feeling to the recipient. However, it's always embarrassing to show up with the same baked good as someone else (ala prom dress nightmare), so you have to get pretty creative/on pinterest. Last year I made granola and it was a huge hit with the ladies (there's only one man in the office).  This year I pulled flexed my cooking muscles a bit with homemade salted caramel sauce. If you've never made caramel sauce before, and I hadn't, it's pretty tricky (without a candy thermometer). I tried the first recipe many times (4)--all wrong, wrong, etc. The first one I waited too long to take it off the heat and it solidified immediately. The next three I was too anxious and they turned into a sloppy sugar and cream mixture. However, I did use the printable seen in my pic above from that site. Not wanting to give up for good, I'd already bought cute jars and Rhett cut out the printable tops, I finally switched to this one (two tries late). We got it right on the first try. I say we because the nascar speed in which the steps need to be preformed would have been very difficult by myself, and honestly, Rhett has more of a knack in the kitchen than I do (he wanted to switch recipes after two fails...sigh). Anyway, I can't say exactly why the second one was easier (ask Rhett), but it was and we made several batches. The caramel sauce was delicious. I gave each person a small jar and an apple as shown on one of the blogs. It was a hit, of course. I ate some on Christmas Eve on plain cheesecake and it was over-the-top yummy. I suggest putting your new years resolutions aside to indulge in this salty sweet goodness. And make some for new years gifts while you're at it! (the printables make you look super prepared and crafty)

Hope everyone had an excellent holiday season! I've got some fun pictures to share soon :)

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