Sunday, December 11, 2011

ode to the shrunken sweater

I shrunk my first sweater tonight, folks (cat head for scale). It's not my favorite, so I'm not too bummed, but how the heck do you wash these things?? Do you?? Do you get them dry-cleaned (hassle)?? Darn. In sweater related news, I am loving animal print this season. I bought these fake uggs from Old Navy today for $12 (not listed as $12 online...sorry & extra score for me). I think they're fun and they are lined with "fur" so they are super warm (like I had to take them off inside warm).
I've been pinning cropped tops for some time now and I finally picked one up for myself :) animal print, of course. It's not MAJOR cropped. Baby steps.
How do you feel about cropped tops? How do you feel about headless pictures? I'm a fan of both.

Two posts in one night?? And my house is clean?? Must have a term paper due in the near future...yep.

meet Benson

Okay, this post is WAY overdue. Meet my new (and so sweet) baby, Benson. I adopted him from the City of Bryan Animal Center. This is NOT a no kill shelter...his days were numbered. The city caught him in a trap somewhere in Bryan and he was a little sick when he got home. Needless to say, this little guy got lucky. I'm a bit of a cat lady and Banks didn't even know how much fun a little brother could be!! They are seriously cute. I'll let you decide for yourself :)
No one has any privacy in this house anymore. If you count me (taking a picture) everyone in the house at the time was watching Banks as he used the litter box. I like to consider it a "close family."
They play and wrestle, chase each other around the house, clean ears and hard to reach places, cuddle and keep warm, and are super cute and funny together. If you have one cat, may I suggest you get another? Really, it's better than I thought it would be. Do your research first, though. Figure out what kind of cat would go well with you current one. I don't think I could have a better match for my Banksy bear. They are two peas in a pod.


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