Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bad cat's guilty pleasure

He's not that bad. Only kind of bad--the sour patch kid kind of bad where you can't really be upset because he follows up with something cute or loving. Yep, he's got that down like a boss.
Moving right along...he's developed this guilty pleasure, or maybe I should call it a comforting/sleepy routine of "nursing" his bed. It's kind of cute and sweet but it also breaks my heart a little to think maybe he didn't have enough time with his cat mom as a baby. I muted the video because I was simultaneously talking on the phone which would have been annoying, but I'll tell you, he's purring like crazy. AND you have to watch until the end because he realizes I'm filming and gets embarrassed (awwwwww)!
Is this normal??  I'm not necessarily worried about it, but I don't want him to end up with buck teeth like those kids who suck their thumb until their 10. He's 5 months old, so how long should this last? Any answers/similar experiences?

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Virginia Wedding

I strayed from my nonchalant lowercase titles and brought you a full-fledged uppercase one. Our weekend in Virginia deserves it (and so does that beautiful state!). 
Backing up- two weekends ago, my mom, aunts, and I went to Blacksberg, VA for my aunt's sister's wedding. 
L-R: Aunt Blair, me, the Bride--Kristen, Aunt Shari (Kristen's sister), and my mom.
Since my aunt's sister isn't my dad's sister, we didn't feel the need to bring the boys along. Mom and I had a few issues getting there (i.e. running through the airport to our connecting flight in Atlanta only to be delayed for 4 hours), but we still made it in time to kick off an excellent girls weekend with a bit of wine and the rehearsal dinner (above).
The wedding was beautiful, complete with a candy bar and a large dance floor so we could get funky.
Aunt Shari getting the party started.
The Bride and her dad--a retired Air Force General
The Texas girls with the General
Did I mention we tore up the dance floor?
Ate cupcakes using our best manners. We were, after all, sitting at the bride and groom's table.
My aunt's mom (far right) and her siblings. We all thought they looked a little similar.
We had so much fun at the wedding, exploring the town, shopping, and hanging out with Aunt Shari's family whom we don't see that often. Shout out to the Mussers--thanks for inviting to share such a fun and special weekend with yall! 
On a side note, how much do you love the tree in front of their house?? We couldn't get over how cool and beautiful it is! Come live in Houston weeping evergreen!

Goodnight, moon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

blonde moment

My parents, Rhett and I followed the Casey Anthony trial pretty closely. Naturally, we kept each other updated on the goings on. When it came time to sentence, I was at work so Rhett sent me a text telling me to tune in and I had a typical blonde moment:

Please also note the time as I believe that contributed to the brain lapse as well :)

I will be back in the near future with wedding pictures (!!) and a few other fun things I've been meaning to blog about. 

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