Thursday, May 26, 2011

spinach lasagna rolls & map prints

This week I made spinach lasagna rolls via just cook already. It's tough cooking for one because you really have to commit to eating whatever you make for several days in a row. I'll definitely make this again, though, but I'll use chopped up spinach instead of whole leaf (whole leaf was the only one I could find in a 10 oz. box). I may even change the cheese--my mom has a really good cheese mixture in her lasagna that would be delicious inside these rolls. 
I guess I overstuffed mine because it only made six. I also found a stuffed shell recipe that I've lost in the blogosphere. Dontcha hate when that happens. The search continues.

Anyway, I may or may not have ordered these two gorgeous prints from the Foundary.
I can't wait to hang them in my living room...or dining room. We'll see. I'm keeping an eye out for vintage maps. How fun would it be to have a map collage wall??

Today Banks fell asleep in the sun on the window sill :)

A few short minutes after this picture was taken, we learned the hard way that window sills aren't the safest place to sleep. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

meet banks

This post is well overdue!! Meet Banks, my 3 month old kitten.
As mentioned previously, my current roommate is getting married in August and, naturally, moving out. I didn’t go out of my way to find a new roommate. Until this past weekend that is. Rhett and I went to the Houston SPCA and found this little guy. We looked at a lot of kittens and didn’t feel a connection with any of them until Banks came in and stretched his long body out down to his toes.
He has to be about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen—playful, curious and cuddly.
Loves the cooler in my room…
hair ties…
and sleeping in the warm sun on my bed.
He also loves watching the words appear on the screen as I type them and swatting at the mouse pointer : ) He’s going to be a big boy, too. Just check out the size of those paws.
Rhett had an unfortunate incident involving a psycho cat inside his sleeping bag as a child, so until recently, he did not consider himself a cat person. Things have changed, people! Brace yourself for the most amazing cat tree you have ever laid eyes on:
This thing is well over 6 feet tall and complete with 5 carpet covered shelves and a rope walkway! Banks came home on Saturday evening and this bad boy was complete by Sunday at lunch! All that’s left is to stain the wood. He’s taken, ladies. Sorry.
I have to tell you, as I write this, I have the keyboard in my lap and Banks is sitting between me and the computer (watching the type appear as I said earlier). Guys, he is falling asleep sitting up! Literally bobbing his little head and body to the side as he tries to stay upright and fall asleep simultaneously. A cat that is hypnotized by blogging?? I’m in heaven.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

animal planet

I love that commercial (for a phone or tablet maybe??) that boasts of higher speed so we can fill the internet with more cats. Uh, yes, please! I think my cousin, Cameron, would agree.
This was taken in 2008, so picture an older, wiser Cameron now (and make my hair about 18 shades blonder while you’re at it). Anyway, Cameron introduced me to Sparta, the mean little kitty:
I’ve been watching My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet lately and I might have a few pointers for the vocalist. Though, it seems like he’s doing alright (i.e. 51K+ views).
Rhett sent me a link to this cutie of the canine variety. Really clever idea. I watched some of the cat ones too and they are hilarious. Do cat’s mouths really move like that or is it doctored?? I may soon find out first hand : )

Night, homies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a year’s time

Around this time one year ago, I was fixing to start my first year as a geology intern in Houston. I was so excited, but also very nervous. Turns out, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I made awesome friends, learned more than my last two years of undergrad combined, gained confidence in myself and a new love/appreciation for geology.
Did I mention that our company team won the Energy sand volleyball league? Best. Summer. Ever.
Around this time two years ago, I was packing my camping gear for the adventure of a lifetime—field camp. In order to get a BS in Geology, you have to go on a 6 week camping trip around the Western US (NM, UT, CO, TX…). It was mentally and physically exhausting. At one point we went a week without showers, and we spent every night sleeping on the ground in a tent. Believe it or not, I still consider some of my best nights sleeps to have been on field camp. I had a blast with my best friends and my (now) boyfriend. We all left feeling accomplished and confident. Second. Best. Summer. Ever.
Field camp ‘11 started today. Best of luck, guys! Hang in there!
It’s amazing what can happen in a year’s time. If everything goes as planned, 1 year from now-ish my life will be changing drastically as I leave school behind after 18 solid years. Oh ya.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Meet my new obsession, Zumba! I've long since given up working out on my own and switched over to group classes. My personal faves are step and kickbox--loud music, upbeat, and the kind of workout that I have to really focus on in order to keep up with the steps (aka not focusing on how bad my body hurts). This year, the rec added zumba classes...WINNING, DUH! Here are a few of my favorite songs. Tell me you can listen to these and sit still in your chair. 
The best:
Love Shakira. Love World Cup. BTW, she does the dance that we do in class in this video. 
PCD does Jai Ho! I never saw Slumdog Millionaire so I'm not quite sure what Jai Ho means..I'm thinking its a hakuna matata type thing. 

Switching gears, my nails are currently sporting Alpine Snow by OPI and I'm loving it! Fresh and summery without being cliche. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wicker chairs

I'm really loving wicker chairs/benches at tables.
Maybe you remember this pic from a while back. I've kept my eye out for a similar wicker ottoman since I saw this! 
And this! Love the table, purple and, of course, the chairs. I have some round wicker chairs that used to be on my balcony. I think with a fresh coat of paint, they may find their way into my dining room next year. We'll see if I can pull it off. There is a thin line between chic and dated when it comes to wicker. 

In movie news, if you haven't seen African Cats, you need to. Rhett and I saw it last weekend and have talked about it everyday since. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

shout out to my mom!

I have an excellent mom, y'all. We talk at least once a day, usually more than that. She's protective and watchful; always looking out for her peeps and using a mother's intuition to clue into our moods. She's supportive and willing to lend a listening ear. I've been doing a lot of venting for the past 1 + 20 years and she gently nudges me in the right direction, reminding me of the positives. She's always certain that there is a hidden blessing in the disappointing or upsetting situations, even when I'm sure my world is going to crumble. She tells me she is proud of me even when I feel like I've let her (and myself) down. She shows respect to my dad and reminds me that respect is an essential support beam in a good relationship. I really appreciate the little bits of knowledge she slips into a text or phone call--just sharing something that's been on her mind or heart. She's always down for a walk and a good laugh or a serious conversation. She has taught me to laugh at myself and when she thinks something is funny, everyone around her can't help but laugh too (even when it's some goofy slap-stick stuff). I have been so blessed to have such a close relationship with an amazing woman of God. I love you so much, mom! You are a firm rock in my life. Happy birthday and Mother's Day :)
Happy mother's day to all the women in my family. I have benefited from you more than you will ever know. Love my peeps!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

meet rita ballou

This doll is my roommate, Lauren, and her fiance's new puppy :) She's a Texas Healer which is a mix of a Blue Healer and a Border Collie, I think. 
She's super chill all the time. In fact, she is sleeping on the couch next to me right now-tongue out. 
Camera curious :)
And teething? 
Can you handle how adorable she is?? I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her over the next month :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

blue ladder

My burro basket found a home! I bought this ladder at Ace Hardware last weekend and painted it Sea Breeze by Eddie Bauer Home. My ever so handy boyfriend used his new reciprocating saw to make it about 5 inches shorter (aka the perfect height) and later that very day altered the broken pallet from my balcony into something amazing! Once I find a place for it, I'll post pictures. 
Speaking of perfect places, I can't say I have one for my beloved burro basket. As of now it sits in the corner of my room next to my dresser, but eventually it will find a more prominent place in my apartment. I just love that it's so different and the bright blue ladder gives it a little something extra. You may have also noticed that my $10 window from our Round Top trip has found a temporary home. 

Next on the list is to redo my dresser and my breakfast table! But for now this little nagging voice in my head is beckoning me towards a term paper with a quickly approaching deadline.


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Monday, May 2, 2011

monthly resolutions- may

I believe I mentioned that April's Project Herb Garden flopped. Partly because of poor planning on my part (i.e. mason jars don't have drainage holes) and partly because of mysterious events that occurred during their time at my parents house while I was in Utah. 

Maybe I will make a new garden in boxes! MAYbe even during MAY! However, I am not going to tie myself down to that at this point. May is going to be crazy. It's my last month in College Station before heading to Houston for an internship. At work we are doing last minute preparations for Geox: Geoscience Exploration Summer Program during which I will be supervising the 20 high school students and 5 college counselors. At school, I will be cramming in as much research as possible and working on my proposal. So,

I resolve for the month of May to keep my sanity and hopefully normal eating habits and hygiene.

In car related news: Kiki-d thought she'd married into the royal family this weekend! She got a car wash on Saturday complete with wax, vacuum, tire shining and old faded bumper sticker removal. Then we came home and treated every window with Rain-X. Perfect timing since it's raining right now. Guess I'm just that good. 

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