Thursday, April 28, 2011

pallets everywhere

Remember when I said I was becoming a pallet hoarder? I have them stashed all over--my apartment balcony, my parents garage and Rhett's storage unit. I'm up to 5 now? 6? Not sure. It's about time those babies turn into something fabulous. Like this:
or this:
or thisssss
mmmhhhmmm. I'll letcha know.

Monday, April 25, 2011

top 5 from the Utah trip

5. Beautiful desert flowers
The top right is actually an Indian Paintbrush. They look a bit different than the ones here in Texas because they don't get nearly as much water. 

4. Old deserted buildings

I think it's so interesting to see old towns and buildings and wonder what went down there. It's also fun to spot old barn doors, windows, painted wood and miniature donkeys, though it's not always easy to repress the urge to yell "PULL OVER NOW! I NEED THAT _____!" I get it from my mom.

3.Sweet geology
I had to. If you look closely in the second to last picture, you'll see a phosphatized shark tooth! Oh ya.

2. Petroglyph's everywhere
We saw several incredible petroglyph sites--some creepy, some cute and some definitely not rated PG. The dark rock with all the different drawings on it is thought to have been a "teaching rock" for young children. 

1.Dinosaur footprints!! 
It's a little hard to see in the picture, but they were awesome in person! 

We got back just in time for a relaxing Easter weekend with the bf and family. Unfortunately, my plants were dead when I got back. I'm not saying that my mom killed them, but I will say that they were alive when I dropped them off at their house the Wednesday before we left and when I got home the following Friday they were whithered and unhappy. She blames it on my potting choice. Hmm. I'm thinking this months resolution might need a redo next month--with some tweaking on my part. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

road trip

Hello from New Mexico!
First order of business: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful boyfriend, Rhett!! You're the best babe :)

I'm on a field trip to Utah for a class and we are slowly making our way north. Our first stop is Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Today was 100% driving which is tough. Texas is pretty big. Check back for some pics from the field. According to the internet, it will be freezing and raining in Utah. Oh ya.

Monday, April 11, 2011

remember the alamo!

This weekend Rhett and I went to a friend's wedding just outside of San Antonio. It was a great day for an outdoor wedding, and the venue [the groom's parent's ranch] was perfect! We had a blast, dancing and laughing with old and new friends. We stayed at the historic Landmark Inn, which was beyond cute and perfect for a weekend getaway. 
It was set on several acres of land, so we got ready a little early and took some pictures at the hotel.
The wedding had some really cute details. The theme was rustic/tejano, and we learned that the branch candle holders were made the day of! Talk about some handy guys. 
The favors were lime green and yellow koozies--cute, fun and functional :)
My favoriet part of the wedding [besides dancing for 4+ hours] was the photo booth. 
Step 1: get your man to the photo booth. Step 2: Pick a fun hat or another accessory. Step 3: Kiss your man in the photo booth. Smile for the camera. Step 4: Paste one strip in the guest book and sign next to it. Step 5: Take one strip home with you to show off on your blog. 

The rest of the photo booth pics are posted here [the password is KLF]. 
Overall, it was an awesome weekend and a beautiful wedding. 

In other news, my cousin, Clay, and his partner are district champions in doubles tennis--as sophomores!! 
Congratulations, Clay!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

meet maru

A friend introduced me to Maru several days ago. He Japans most famous cat by a long shot [over 7mil hits on that video??] and has arguably one of the most adorable personalities in the world. His obsession with boxes is hilarious.
Oh Maru, you make me want a cat real bad. 
In the near future, I will share an inspirational story about my aunt's new cat, Izzy.

Changing topics--are anyone else's allergies having a field day right now?! Kiki and I are really sick of the pollen and the horrible things it does to us. Her exterior is covered in a less than flattering shade of yellow dust and my eyes are seconds away from shriveling up due to lack of moisture. 

On a happier note--Yesterday I found out that I got a grant for my research! This means I am no longer a pauper in the department and will be able to get access to many different types of analysis for my samples. WINNING! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

round top weekend

Last weekend was the Antiques Fair in Round Top, Texas. My mom and I met up in La Grange for a girls weekend and had an absolute blast. We, of course, came home with some treasure and left some behind for other people. 
My absolute favorite find of the day [which obviously came home with me] is this Moroccan Burro Basket--as in
It's currently sitting next to my dresser while I search frantically for something to put it on--maybe a cool saw horse or ladder?? It's the kind of fun item you love to come home with from these types of things. I love pieces that are different and have a cool story. The older couple I bought it from said their friends brought it back with them from Morocco. I think it's something I'll have in my house forever and use in many different ways. ANYWAY...we also liked these, but didn't bring any home with us.
My momma brought this super cute milk bottle and I see many flowers in its future. It says "Morn, Noon or Night, Drink Pillsbury Milk." Clearly a classic. 
I came home with one of these fabulous old windows. That sign says $10 a piece. Yes or yes?? As soon as my handy bf gets here, it will hang above the beloved burro basket :)
I also stole this stained glass [not literally, but for $20 it felt a bit like stealing]. I plan to paint the frame and hang it inside my mantle

Buffet top update:
My mom and aunt painted the base and it looks so much better! My aunt rounded up a few things we already had around the house and I think it turned out really cute!

Night, folks. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

monthly resolutions--april

My monthly resolution for March was to write in a prayer journal daily. I have to admit, I wavered a bit on the "daily" part, but overall this was a great resolution, and one I will continue to do even though I no longer feel bound by a blog resolution. I found that I thought of different things when I was writing down my prayers as opposed to thinking them in my head or saying them out loud. Give it a go. I think you'll like it. 

As for April, I resolve to start and maintain a garden. I am proud to say that I have already won half the battle! Last Thursday, Rhett was in town and we went to wal-mart and picked up some "apartment gardening" supplies and got to work. I picked out the pots [mason jars] and the herbs/flowers I wanted and he picked out the baskets and figured out how to put them up.
Ok, so it's not worthy of HGTV, but it definitely perks up my balcony which, up until now, housed a small grill, broken pallet, and lawn chair. Hopefully there will be green soon! I have to admit, when I thought of this resolution, I did not take into consideration that I am going on a field trip to Utah on the 14th of April and will be gone for 9ish days... so I'm going to have to get someone to babysit my new plants. Does that still count as my resolution?? 
These little guys are actually the ones who got my all excited and ready to start an apartment garden. Last week, Darby from fly through our window posted pictures of her easter grass planted in egg shells and I decided to give it a try. 
I cracked my eggs very carefully with a steak knife and dyed them inside and out. I couldn't believe how vibrant the inside of the egg was!
I added some potting soil [pre-watered--Darby's advice] and seeds and let them do their thing! It's been really fun watching them grow. After less than a week, they are looking pretty good, and apparently will get even better over the next two weeks! Don't be surprised if I obsessively post pictures of my eggs and apartment garden like they are my kids :) They're just so fun! Rhett asked me the other day [as I was watering my eggs with a spoon] if I was going to turn into one of those crazy ladies. 
It's not out of the question. 

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