Tuesday, March 1, 2011

monthly resolutions- march

It's no secret that I was horrible at keeping my February resolution. What was I thinking when I made that one?? I believe I've found a much better resolution for March.

I resolve for the month of March to keep a prayer journal and write in it daily.

I bought a cute journal a while back and never filled it with anything. It's in the drawer of my bedside table begging to become my prayer journal and a slam dunk of a monthly resolution! I bought the prayer journal app for my iPhone last semester and used it for a while, but I think having a hard copy is much more my style [as I am currently still in the paper agenda period of my life.] I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and plan to make a special part of my prayer journal dedicated to giving thanks. 

In other news, my mom showed me this article from Southern Living on the 10 Adventure in Texas' Hidden Hill Country. Yes, or yes?! Some of them are pretty weird [smell lavender? come on.], but most of them are awesome! Rhett and I plan to take his new kayak to the Medina River as soon as our schedules allow. We will be headed to #7 for sure which is in Colorado Bend State Park, and check out #3!! For name's sake, we may have to do this one as well. 
Happy March! [btw, how cute is that praying bunny??]
Speaking of bunnies, the Rodeo is here! Can't wait to clock some face time with real life bunnies!

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