Sunday, January 30, 2011

da big bag and da font

Several months ago I saw this DIY "big bag" tutorial and have been itching to get down to Ikea ever since [but who wants to drive all the way to 610 and I10?? Mom.] I found our "as is" area to be quite a disappointment--pretty much Christmas stuff and banged up furniture. I did find this pillow cover for just $6 in the pillow section. Not as cool as the couch cushion, but it has a similar shape and a zipper, so it will do! I used an old top sheet of a faux burberry sheet set I bought on ebay a couple of years ago for the handles and casing across the front. 
**Disclaimer: This project contains SEWING! I can't sew, but I had a blast with my mom learning the basics and it's not too bad! I have actually already found several other sewing projects that aren't so intimidating now that I have a little experience.
Make no mistake, this bag is HUGE! You could easily conceal a medium sized dog, or everything needed for a sleepover. I can't wait to put mine to work!

Also, have you guys heard of the website You can find the best fonts here and download them FO FREE to your computer! They show up in all programs that have a "font" bar including the booksmart program from blurb! I realize this might sound a bit like those spam facebook wall posts, but this is the real deal. They have almost all movie fonts [perfect for a theme party!] and a massive index of different kinds and styles of fonts. Here is a sample of the ones I recently downloaded:
My favorite? Sunshine in my soul. But it's a close race with all of them. 
One more thing: It's no secret that I am not very tech savvy [good thing my daddio and brudder are!], so this may be common knowledge, BUT you can save a powerpoint slide as a PICTURE! I just did it for the font "image" above! Imagine the possibilities.
Last thing, really: I was in my advisors office today for 3+ hours working on a grant proposal and she mentioned that using parentheses is her "typing tick." I'm thinking we have that in common.

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