Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

1. On Sunday we started watching Revenge on Netflix and we're already halfway through the first season. It’s sooooo good! Each episode leaves us saying what the whaaaaa???

2. I’m usually not a big fan of flavored k-cups because they’re too sweet. If it comes out of the keurig looking like I already put creamer in it---no.  Don’t get me wrong, I use creamer. I just like to put it in myself… in moderation. Folgers Vanilla Biscotti is subtle and comes out looking like normal coffee! Paired with a caramel creamer-YUM!

3. I read a series from A Typical English Home on organized blogging and time management. I don’t consider myself a super organized person, but I’m not total chaos. I find that most of the work is getting organized; after that, staying organized is fairly easy to maintain.
As far as the blog goes, I’m trying to plan posts ahead of time and have several in the works at once. I have plenty of topics to write about, but coming home from work and finishing a full post from scratch sounds stressful. However, sitting down and writing for a while, maybe editing some pictures without the pressure of hitting “publish” at the end is really nice. I have more time on the weekends to plan and start posts, so I can just tweak, proofread and add pictures to publish content during the week. This is the first week of this plan and so far I love it!

4. I ordered this Tahari coat on Hautelook and I can’t wait for it to come in! I love Tahari, but you gotta catch ‘em on sale. The light color is pretty casual so I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it.

5. I’m loving IOS7 on my iphone and ipad!! It feels like a totally new phone. I’ve heard some complaints about it, but I think it’s user friendly and pretty. I don’t know all the technical differences, so I’m mostly just going off looks and basic functionality. I especially like the new weather app. It makes me feel like I’m outside.

Happy weekend!

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