Thursday, August 16, 2012

graduation: take 2

Friday, August 10th, after six years and two degrees, I officially graduated from Texas A&M (and school in general). Like, forever. Not going back. Thanks for the awesome job, fun memories and a super hot fiance. Now, BYE.
Overall the day went really smoothly, mostly because the commencement part was the night before (Thursday evening?? Really? I'm sure all 13 people that can make it to College Station on Thursday evening really enjoyed it). 
All the grads walked in, the pres gave a cute speech about how he has to shake 1,800 hands in one day, so be gentle and they started calling out names...shuffling us across the stage and down to a green screen to take our last cheesy school picture. We were in and out in two hours (can I get an amen??).
Anyway, many, many of my favorite people were there including several members of the A-team (my soon-to-be in-laws). I wasn't particularly excited about walking, mostly because it's all about the experience and I've already had that. You do get to wear a "hood" and your sleeves have an extra long hanging down part, so the MS people are set apart, but eh. As you can see in the pic above, I rocked the hood as more of a choker and shamelessly waved at my peeps in the crowd so all the masters cool points were null. 
Anyway, the day was exciting none-the-less especially considering that more times than not in the last two years, I thought there was a fairly good chance this day would never come! And my family was there to support me, which feels just as good as seeing a diploma in that tube when I got back to my seat.
Don't you just love my grandad's face?? Priceless.


Let's talk shoes, shall we?
Shoes are obviously the most important part of a graduation outfit since everything else is covered. Even doing your hair is somewhat pointless as it immediately turns to hat hair. SO, you have to have cute shoes. I splurged on these from Ann Taylor in black. 
Now, I wear heels to work everyday. Like, 2"-3" heels. These babies are 4" with absolutely no platform or support for the ball of your foot. I'm not complaining. I'm a total believer that shoes are the prime example of beauty is pain and I almost never go for "comfort" over "WOWZA." Usually a few strategically placed band-aids does the trick if there isn't a huge amount of walking involved. However, if you are only slightly off target with said band-aid, disaster may strike. My right one was a little high and the back of the shoe had it peeled off before I even got into the building. My right shoe then made an impressive run at my achilles tendon (which narrowly escaped and still has the battle wounds to prove it). Needless to say, I was relieved to GET THOSE BABIES OFF.
This picture pretty much sums it up.
Guys just don't get it.

All this shoe talk has me pumped to post about fabulously chic work attire! Love me some business casual. Be back soon, homies!

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