Monday, August 22, 2011

Minute-to-win-it party

Friday we had a family minute-to-win-it party. Huge group + competitive couples + 60 second adrenaline blasts = awesome family get together. Really, you gotta have one.
Game 1: Bounce the ping-pong ball into the cup. When you catch one, move that cup to the bottom and try to catch another. 7 cups total.
Game 2: Shoot a rubber band and knock down a tower of coke cans. Turns out it's a lot harder than it looks.
[Rhett and I are soo focused :)]
Game 3: Sort M&M's in a row by color. Also harder than it looks considering the time constraints.
Game 4: Stack nuts on top of each other using chop sticks. I think this could be easy or hard depending on what size you get. 
Game 5: Flip a cup and make it land upside down on top of a bottle.

I may have missed one? Anyway, there are many sites with ideas for minute-to-win-it games, so it's different every time! In fact, I though it would be so fun to have a minute-to-win-it tailgate since football season is right around the corner! I think it may be too involved for tailgates, though.

In other news, I'm officially employed post-grad! All I have to do is start and finish a thesis by May. No biggie. :) I just can't seem to get into the "school" mode after working all summer.
AND, I have a TON of furniture related posts coming up soon. As soon as I finish organizing my apt so I can take pictures without having to move piles of junk around, I'll post. 

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  1. looks like fun...might have to try a themed party like this. :)


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